Complete story posted, That was Then This is Now…

I have transferred another one of my stories from to my wordpress site. The complete story can be found here, for those that prefer to read on this site.



Summary: Sequel to About a Girl and a Boy-Eric and Sookie were high school sweethearts, and everyone thought it would be forever. Unfortunately life took them their separate ways, what happens when they meet again at their 10 year high school reunion? AH/Eric Sookie, rated M


Moving to wordpress… first complete story posted!

So I have been writing and posting to for awhile now, but have decided to slowly convert to WordPress. I like having more freedom with layouts and graphics for my stories. Therefore I have fully transferred one of my stories over to my blog and plan to do so with the rest!

‘I Will Love You’ is a completed Eric/Sookie, AH, fanfic and can be found on my blog.

I Will Love you